Exclusivity Included
At your garden centre, of course, you want to have a beautiful selection of flower bulbs tailored to your shoppers.

At Kapiteyn we provide the very Latest Varieties every year. Not only because we have our own breeding program, but also because of our location: Kapiteyn are in the middle of the world’s largest continuous flower bulb area. Through the good contact with have with our suppliers, we can often arrange something extra.

Please take a look at our catalogue for an overview of our ‘Standard’ products and lines, or contact us for personal advice. Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver flower bulbs to consumers.

Mrs. Block: “I was surprised, when I saw my Lovely Combination Tulips in bloom. Not only were they the same colour and quality as shown on the package, but the mixture was also well balanced. An equal number of red and pink tulips came up; it was a sight to behold!”

A Few Products from our Range:


Netlon Bag Tulips

This bag of tulips is impossible to resist for you or your shopping public. 100 large size Tulips of the best quality in all colours of the rainbow for a small price!
Ask your retail advisor about this offer.


Nature Paper Bags

Flowers bulbs in paper bags that give a ‘rustic feel’ to your displays. 


Lovely Combinations

Special colour combinations of flower bulbs - Complementary combinations for daring consumers!


Mega Pack

Value for money! This multi-pack is for your customer who loves a colourful garden at a nice price.


Deluxe Printed Bags

A bag that looks like a garden - Filled with trendy assortments.


Cottage Garden

Who has not dreamed of owning a beautiful English Cottage Garden?


Bulb market

A popular assortment of flower bulbs packaged in a strawberry punnet style carton with a large stick-in label - Convenient for table top sales.