Other Retail

More and more Department Stores, Internet Retailers, Home Inprovement Centres, Petrol Stations, Furniture Shops, Mail Order Companies and other Retailers are discovering flower bulbs are an attractive additional product category within their total assortment.

Due to their ‘temporary nature’, flower bulbs are a significant impulse product that appeals to a wide group of consumers. Whether you have a garden or a patio area, everyone enjoys putting flower bulbs in the ground or pots and seeing them slowly open.

Flower bulbs are an accessible ‘experience product’ from nature. An increasing number of retailers are recognising this unique strength and we collaborate with them on developing tailor-made concepts. From Counter Displays, Sales Containers, Mixed Crates, ‘Lasagne Pots’, Gift Ideas to ‘Natural Packaging’ – Are you familiar with our 100-page catalogue?

Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver flower bulbs to consumers.