Organic Flower Bulbs

We are proud to inform that we are Organic (Skal) certified. We introduce a unique and wide assortment of organic flower bulbs and perennials for pre-packed sales and landscaping. With a 100% chemical-free cultivation, we want to support the dynamic eco system with products that are safe for our climate, humans and animals!

Why choosing organic – BIO?

  • No use of Neonicotinoids!
  • No chemical pesticides & fungicides
  • No mineral fertilizer
  • Environment friendly maintenance of plants and premises
  • Support of a dynamical ECO system
  • Good for healthy soil & land
  • Healthy food for Bees & Butterflies
  • Suitable for Garden and Kitchen Gardens

A Few Products from our Range:

These bulbs are Skal certified. The entire process of organic cultivation is controlled and certified, on the basis of high standards of quality and environmental requirements.

A great selection of gifts to treat your friends, family or yourself.