Garden Centres

More and more garden centres see flower bulbs as an important category in realizing traffic and underlining their green image.

We pride ourselves on being able to develop an attractive and distinctive concept for any type of garden centre, in any market. To this end, we have local specialists who are happy to offer customized advice. On this basis, an optimal flower bulb assortment is put together and, if desired, a including a floor plan for the store.

Especially for garden centres, we use a 3-part assortment mix; Basic, Specialist and Image. This has been very successful over the years, with the result that no fewer than 2,500 garden centre customers rate our product and our efforts with an average score of 9.

Jan van den Berg, Boltha bv bulb grower and supplier, about involvement

“It is very pleasant working with Kapiteyn. I remember one very cold year when we had to remove the bulbs from the ground very late in the season. Of course all the exporters were on our backs; everyone wanted to be first in line to get the bulbs. Afterwards, Kapiteyn sent all the growers a note, thanking them for doing their best to deliver as early as possible. I appreciated the thoughtful gesture. It shows that they are truly involved with the people and the product.”