You go faster alone but go further together

Since we believe that you go further together rather than alone, we have established the following partnerships:

Captain Select

We created a Growers Association together with 19 Growers to ensure that important Captain Calla varieties are monitored before they are introduced into the market. If a Captain Grower cannot deliver in full, another member of this association will complete the delivery.

Captain Research

Together with our Growers we strive for the best quality tubers. In collaboration with various Research Institutions we are constantly looking for ways to improve cultivation. By conducting tests together and sharing experiences, we optimize the cultivation method for every Captain Calla variety so that you are assured of the best tubers for optimal flowering results.

Simply Calla

In co-operation with all Dutch Growers, Breeders and Forcers we promote cut and potted Callas to florists and consumers. Information on everything you can do with Callas can be found on the site

Flower Council Holland also promotes our Calla’s. Have a look at this inspiring video.