Breezand is situated in the heart of the world´s largest continuous flower bulb cultivation area, so it should come as no surprise that we are located there. Close to the source, we have a good relationship with our flower bulb suppliers – Not only do we keep a close eye on the quality, but we can also closely follow innovations. We only have to take a look outside to see what is living, growing and blossoming.

Black Hyacinths and Blue Tulips

As a breeder of various types of flower bulb crops, we are a step ahead of the rest. We have the newest and most beautiful Tulips, Narcissus (Daffodils), Callas and Hyacinths in house. Often we can even guarantee exclusivity so that your customers can present a distinctive assortment.

Rooted in the Soil

Our roots are in cultivation! In more than 90 years and for many generations we have amassed a lot of knowledge about flower bulbs. We cultivate more than 200 varieties on 70 hectares of soil.

Would you like to know about a suitable assortment for you? Make an appointment with one of our Cultivation Advisors.