Retail & Concepts

Around 1930 Kapiteyn was one of the first professional flower bulb companies in the Netherlands. The first pre-packaged flower bulb concepts were developed in co-operation with the first garden centres in Europe and the United States.

Since then the category of flower bulbs has received a tremendous boost and has become an important traffic builder for many garden centres today.

As a retail partner we closely co-operate with Flower Bulb Managers within garden centres in no less than 20 different countries optimising their total flower bulb assortment and yield per square metre.

In co-operation with International Supermarket Chains, Home Improvement Centres and Department Stores we also develop more impulse orientainted packaging and sales concepts. We can create a sophisticated assortment and a successful sales concept for every online and offline retailer. Retail is also ‘OUR NATURE’!

For your costumer

Our consumer website can be consulted to help your customer choose the assortment that suits his or her needs. By scanning the QR code on the packaging, your customer will receive information on treatment as well as inspiration for the garden.